Motel Mexicola in Bali Deserves the Social Hype it Receives, and More

motel mexicola Taking a concept and turning it into a universally enjoyable experience is a bit of an art form, arguably. Competition to stand out in a crowded food scene is tough, but Motel Mexicola in Bali created an experience that turned it into one of the island’s hottest restaurant-and-bar venues in recent years.

Apart from their well-received drinks, music and food, Motel Mexicola enjoys widespread social media attention thanks to the plentiful details in their decor, which pay homage to Mexican culture. Gimmicky as that might sound, to have a Mexican restaurant on the tourist island of Bali, the decor of Motel Mexicola is so quaint and plentiful, you can’t help but admire the effort that went into the details. Let’s get a closer look!


Motel Mexicola

Photo from Motel Mexicola

With the weather in Mexico being very similar to Bali’s, you’ve got identical foliage around the premises, and the same types of fruit that get mixed into food and cocktails. The bright colours of tiled pillars, floors, walls and furniture evoke the perfect setting for a San Francisco flower power themed party, but although most patrons aren’t dressed to match the theme, you will still have a great time. From the live band, to the margarita list, Motel Mexicola has succeeded in delighting the daily crowds. Their pulled pork and tempura fish tacos get top marks too.

Motel Mexicola in Bali: It’s in the details

Your experience of Motel Mexicola can be as different as night and day, literally. In the daytime, patrons enjoy their food, as well as a visual feast of decor details. On the walls, you’ll notice all sorts of deep references to Mexican culture in the broad daylight, everywhere. Crosses, altars, flower wreaths, even mini pictures framed inside bottle caps and the building’s design and layout itself, all serve as an attraction for visitors to come and grab a few (or a lot of) social media-worthy shots. At night, the premises become a social haunt for world travellers to mix and mingle amidst a lively playlist and thirst-quenching cocktails. And it’s likely that for some patrons, Motel Mexicola is such a good time that it’ll go on the “required stops when in Bali” list, permanently!

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