The Strangely Boring Site of F Scott Fitzgerald’s Grave

burial site of F Scott Fitzgerald The release of the movie Gatsby has heaped fresh interest on the site of F Scott Fitzgerald’s grave, the book’s author. Along with the mound of old articles about his final resting place, a pile of new ones have popped up. (Ok, enough puns.) The early 20th century writer, who was known for his penchant for alcohol and glamorous world capitals, interred in a suburban Rockville graveyard, surrounded by concrete buildings and beside the intersection of busy highways? How absurdly mundane!


burial site of F Scott Fitzgerald

I won’t rehash all the details that other articles have covered, but here’s the super short version. Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Sayre ended up in this quiet, easy-to-miss gravesite due to daughter Scottie’s efforts to return her parents remains to a Catholic affiliated church. Fitzgerald is a distant relative of Francis Scott Key (author of the Star Spangled Banner and has a bridge in D.C. named after him,) and also visited his father in Rockville often back in the day. All around him and Sayre, are over a dozen relatives. Scottie is buried at this site too, at the foot of her parents’ stone.

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With this in mind—the fact that the site of F Scott Fitzgerald’s grave is located here, might not be surprising after all. In fact it could be a suitably peaceful place, considering his tumultuous life?

Where to find the site of F Scott Fitzgerald’s grave:
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
520 Veirs Mill Rd
Rockville, MD 20852

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