Washington DC at Night: See the Monuments After Dark

Washington DC at NightEvery day, when the city settles into the evening calm, the sights of Washington DC at night take on a different persona. Bright lights around the city’s famous landmarks power on, creating a magnificent glowing aura around it. Even if you had traipsed around the city snapping shots of yourself in front of memorials and monuments earlier in the day, it’s worth the trip to come back out at night and see them again in a, well — different light. 





In the dark, wide open spaces around the monuments are an advantage, as they create a glow that only makes the sights look surreal in twilight. Look at the picture of the Washington Monument. On an especially clear night, the sky directly behind the Monument takes on its own unique glow, as if in anticipation of a special celestial celebration.

A thinner volume of visitors and cool night air makes the walk all the more pleasant. It’s peaceful and relatively quiet enough in some areas, for an outdoor session of evening contemplation. And for couples, checking out the sights of Washington DC at night is a creative and romantic date idea!

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